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By: Grant | April 26, 2016

Ok, Here goes.

Hi guys and girls, here is just a quick update for you. I have started making some gameplay videos, these are generally linked straight from my livesteam unless I get some time then I may try and edit them.

I am currently trying to figure out some settings to get streams to be smooth but to also record locally for the ability to edit later if i want too. Having some difficulty with this as can be seen in my most recent rocket league gameplay video.

Hopefully this will all be sorted within the next few weeks however I am quite busy with doing a loft conversion and some other household/personal things.

I'll do my best to keep you all updated.

Toodles! =D


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By: Grant | September 14, 2015

So so so sorry for the lack of content, been super busy with work and general life things. On the plus side though things are going well, recently purchased a new car only downside is struggling to sell my old one. An update from the GPU upgrade, checking the hardware ID it turns out the card may only be a 290 rather than a 290x however upon further research my card seems to be able to have the firmware/flash upgraded to turn it into a 290x! Another project for another day I feel.

1 project I finally half got a result from was a couple years back I noticed it on HACKADAY that a guy happened to figure out that an ipad 3 screen could be used as an external monitor using display port. I wont go into too many details but I thought it was a pret...

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By: Grant | July 02, 2015


The website has launched as well as I finally got around to uploading some gaming videos to my YouTube channel.

This is mainly a test post but overall makes sure things are working correctly and can be seen! 

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