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About Sevanon


Small Bio

Name: Grant
Age: 23
Into Gaming, PC building and overall tech products.

I have quite a few rigs that I have built and keep as tests for different games however my main one is my beast and will stay that way until replaced. 

I have since upgraded again, but rather than swapping GPU I have just added more. I now have 3 x R9 290x graphics cards, hopefully this will be useful for a while however I will wait and see before selling and possibly upgrading to a higher performance dual GPU solution in the future.

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Main rig specs below. Images to follow.


Slightly ashamed of this image but it is from when i first added the 2 x 290x. I have since swapped cases and cables as well as everything else looks a lot better! Will update image soon!

System Specs *Pictures comming soon* :

CPU: I7 3820 OC @4.6Ghz

Cooler: Antek Kuhler

Mobo: Asrock x79 Extreme 4

RAM: 16gb DDR3 HyperX @ Stock speed

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 770 2gb

         1 xR9 290X 4gb + NZXT G10 bracket + Kraken X41 AIO

         2 x R9 290x 4gb Reference!

PSU: 1600w EVGA Supernova G2


        Outside:  3 x asus ve247h 24"

Case: Cooler Master HAF X

Keyboard: Razer DeathStalker Ultimate 

Mouse: Corsair vengeance m65 Non RGB


Speakers: Creative 5.1 surround

Headset: gx gaming cavimanus